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Some items on this page require a shotgun or fiearms licence, as not all are Section 58 (2)

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Stevens No 34 Hunters Pet Pocket Rifle.

No Licence Required.


Stevens No 34 Hunters Pet Pocket Rifle in 0.32 rim fire.

Made between 1870 and 1873 by The Joshua Stevens & Co.

18" octagonal barrel, complete with the original metal stock that was sold with this model and it has a different serial number to the gun.

Original sporting sights are intact and the action works very well. only £1,750

Section 58 (2) No Licence Required.


Joshua Steven, born in Chester, Massachusetts in 1814. Apprentices as a machinist in 1834. Around 1838 he was engaged by gunmaker Cyrus B. Allen, Springfield, Massachusetts. Later he became a Colt employee in his Hartford, Connecticut plant. Stevens worked on improvements of the Colt guns. In 1864 Stevens created his own J. Stevens & Co. company composed of Joshua Steven, James E. Taylor and William B. Fay. They manufactured tip-up rifles based on Steven's patent no. 44.123. This patent was the basis for almost all of the Stevens guns. In 1888 the company's name altered to J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.

Tikka T3 in Winchester 0.243

Section 1 FAC required.

Tikka T3 in the very popular calibre Winchester 0.243

Complete with a Hawke Varmint 4-16x 44 scope and mounts.

Overall length 42 1/4", length of pull 14", barrel length 22".

Shot less than 150 rounds, and in a very good condition, comes with 0.243 ammo, Only £475

A Section 1 FAC is required to purchase this rifle and ammo.

Marlin 1881 Lever Action Rifle.

No Licence Required.

Marlin 1881 Lever Action Rifle made in the obsolete calibre Marlin 40-60 in 1888.

Only £1,750

Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle.

No Licence Required.

Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle. Made in 1890 in the obsolete calibre  40-82

Only £2,750

Antique Stevens tip up rifle in 0•38 RF

No Licence Required.

Antique Stevens single shot tip up rifle in the obsolete calibre 0•38 rim fire. In original condition, overall length is 42 1/2", 28" barrel, of which the first 10" is octagonal, and the remaining 18" is round, length of pull is approx 12 1/2". The bore is very good, the action is very good, it even has the original adjustable flip up sight, only £499.

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