Antique Pistols & Revolvers for sale. 


Hammond 44 calibre Bulldog.

On sale to a collector - No Licence Required.

Made in Naubuc Connecticut by Connecticut Arms, the Hammond Bulldog is a very interesting single-shot rimfire .44 calibre pistol. It has an unusual rotating breechblock and a very strong action. Made in the obsolete calibre 0•44 rimfire, this pistol is in very good condition and has a nice bore, the octagonal barrel length is 4" and the overall diagonal length is 8 1/2". On sale to a collector for only £750.


Big Nose Kate and Doc Holliday.

One of these glorious Hammond Bulldog antiques was owned by "Big Nose" Kate, who was a dance hall girl, prostitute and the long time partner of the famous Doc Holliday,


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