Antique Pistols & Revolvers for sale. 


Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver in 0•31 Percussion.

No Licence Required.

Colt model 1849 pocket revolver, made in 1865 towards the end of the civil war. Very good bore and overall condition, Cylinder engraving is very sharp, sign of colour case hardening still visible, a really nice example of this iconic back up revolver, only £3,900.

E mail Gunsmith Mike for more information :

Hammond 44 calibre Bulldog.

On sale to a collector - No Licence Required.

Made in Naubuc Connecticut by Connecticut Arms, the Hammond Bulldog is a very interesting single-shot rimfire .44 calibre pistol. It has an unusual rotating breechblock and a very strong action. Made in the obsolete calibre 0•44 rimfire, this pistol is in very good condition and has a nice bore, the octagonal barrel length is 4" and the overall diagonal length is 8 1/2". On sale to a collector for only £750.


Big Nose Kate and Doc Holliday.

One of these glorious Hammond Bulldog antiques was owned by "Big Nose" Kate, who was a dance hall girl, prostitute and the long time partner of the famous Doc Holliday,


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